Metallic Photo Paper

Engineered to lay flat with little to no curl for smooth, trouble-free print production, this Kodak Professional Inkjet Photo Paper with a Metallic Finish has been updated to take advantage of the wider color gamut and improved ink technology of the latest generation of wide format printers from Canon, Epson and HP. 

This next-generation paper has a larger color gamut and higher Dmax to ensure that colors captured in-camera reproduce more accurately, while producing deeper, richer black, an expanded dynamic range and additional detail in shadow areas.
10 mil, 255 gram photo paper
Microporous, instant dry coating
Resin coated paper base
Compatible with dye and pigment ink using thermal and piezo inkjet printers
Bright white point provides clean highlight detail
Thermal and cold laminate compatible
Used to produce high end photographs and fine art reproductions