Retractable Banners

Ideal for trade shows, hotels, retails stores and more. Our stands are lightweight and quick to set up, giving you a professional look wherever you are.
A clean and elegant design. Effortless to assemble takes less than a minute to set up or take down.
Easy to carry, comes included with a professional sleek canvas carry bag.


  • Clip top; Holds the image strongly in place without glue which makes it very convenient in case. With glue systems there is no going back once you make a mistake. With the clip system simply unclip the top and realign your banner.
  • Telescopic pole: with the telescopic pole you can adjust your banner to any size up to 80 inches. You do not need to make graphics the exact height specified on other types of banner stands.
  • Top design to easy light installation
  • High quality aluminum, strong and light weight.
  • Convenient carrying bag makes it easy to transport. Our bag is foam padded to help prevent damage to your banner.