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Want to Print Smarter? Here's How to Sync Your HP Printer Ink to Your Smart Phone.

Print smarter by syncing HP printer ink to your smart phone. Get alerts when your printer inks are running low and replace them before sacrificing half-printed pages with faded colors. The HP SureSupply App makes it easy to reorder with its alerts for when your ink and toner levels fall. Want to make it even [...]

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The Epson EcoTank Will Meet All Your Printing Needs

The downside of owning an at-home printer? The inconvenience and steep prices of upkeep. Well, the economical route for at-home printing is here. Bid your goodbyes to the days of running out of ink without warning and consequently running late for a meeting or turning in work past its deadline. Welcome warmly into your home [...]

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Evoking Emotion Through Color

Would you believe there is a science to banner colors? It’s true! Lucky for us, we have the knowledge behind each color, and color is a huge attention grabber for viewers.A colorful banner can have a strong influence on individuals. Most colors are associated with emotions and sentiments. Specific colors can entice people to look, to click, to stop [...]

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Mimaki Printer Ink Supplier

Are you looking for quality ink for your Mimaki printer? Look no further. MacroEnter is one of the leading suppliers of ink for the Mimaki printer. Coming in a vast variety of colors along with top notch quality, MacroEnter brings you ink that leaves your prints looking flawless and vivid.MacroEnter offers an endless supply of [...]

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This Tool is Taking Illustrations to the Next Level

Does your job consist of drafting, technical illustration, architectural drawing, etc.? Then this software is just the thing for you. With the customizable toolbar you will have everything you need right in front of you giving you more time to spend on your project and less time searching the menu for frequently used commands. The [...]

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Liquid Lamination VS Film Lamination

Good for temperature sensitive products and ink, film lamination is applied by an adhesive instead of hot glue and works great with bond, cover stock, photo, pretty much everything excepts for canvases. With a 3” core, choose from clear, lustre, satin or matte for the film finish. Creating protection as well as image enhancement, liquid [...]

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The Perfect Gift Idea For Anyone at the Office

Do you have a friend or family member that spends a lot of their time in their office? What about your daughter or son who is currently in college? What better gift to give someone than the accessibility and a gift card to MacroEnter so they can stock up and remain prepared with everything they [...]

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Try This With Your Ink If You Want To Save Money

Are you tired of spending loads of money on new ink cartridges? Never feeling in control of your ink cartridge purchases due to how quickly you go through them and how pricey they can be. MacroEnter offers a large variety of colored ink for refilling your Epson printer cartridge instead of constantly needing to go [...]

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Are You Choosing Right Banner Material?

When you’re searching to buy the perfect banner material for a banner you might be designing, you might be a little surprised by the amount of options that are available to you. From the type of material they’re made from, to the weight of the material itself. Each of these offer different advantages, for different [...]

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A Few Banner Tips You Can't Afford to Miss

If you’re working on company banners, you’ve come to the right place. Cool banner designs are not just artistically creative, they are fundamentally sound designs! There are ways to peak the interest of viewers, ways that foster their best reading experience and tricks that help you stand out (or sometimes fit in- in a good [...]

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