Returns & Warranty

Returns & Warranty

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We provide a 30 days warranty on the products we sell unless otherwise specified for a particular product or by the manufacturer's warranty.

We apply the warranty when the product is shipped. Warranty for opened products consider replacement of products but do not imply refunds.

 All warranties will be applied under the conditions listed below:

• We will not be liable for any losses and causes of actions, causes for lesser negligence of the shipping company or customer operation.
• We will not be liable for any actual incidental, direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use, performance or non-performance of the equipment or software, including the lose of profits or lose of data.
• We do not make any and hereby disclaims to the maximum extent allowed by law any and all covenants, representations and warranties with respect to its compliance with the statements of intent contained in our privacy policy.

Returns and Refund

Returns and Refunds due to defective products or shipping mistakes will be issued within 10 days of the order being delivered, or if the order is on Backorder. Returns and refunds apply to those products that are returnable only. For cartridges with ink, with opened package or that has been installed in the printer replacement will be applied, but do not imply refunds.

Due to manufacturer restrictions, we cannot accept returns of the following items:

• Any item returned more than 10 days after delivery.
• Any item that is not in its original condition or is damaged.
• Any ON SALE item.
• Any Clearance item.
• Any item returned without a RMA number.
• Any item returned to locations other than the one indicated in the RMA instructions.
• Any OEM or bundle product.

New compatible cartridges and bulk ink will be replaced or refunded under the following conditions:

• Refunds will be applied only for unopened cartridges or bottles of ink (Restocking fees can apply)

• Opened cartridges and bottles of ink can be replaced in the period established in this policy if those have not be used more than 20% (We will determinate it after inspection when we receive those back)

We cannot process any return or refund without a Return Authorization Number (RMA).

A Warranty Claim Form (WCF) is required. It should be filled and faxed to us to the number displayed in the form. To obtain a WCF you can send an email to As soon as we process the WCF, we will process the RMA and send instructions on sending back the defective product.

Once the customer has received a replacement for the defective product or the RMA with the refund authorization, the customer is responsible for packing the defective products according to the instructions sent with the RMA or the replacement.

The defective product must be received within fifteen (15) days of the customer receiving the replacement or the refund authorization, otherwise we will charge the customer the replacement product including shipping costs and the refund process will not be applicable.
Shipping charges will be covered only if the defective product shows a manufacturing problem. We will not assume any shipping charges for any different reason such as:
• Customer did not order the correct product
• Customer did not like the product or was not what he expected
• Customer wants to exchange the product.

Unopened products have to be returned in the packaging in an as-new condition within 10 days after delivery.

For refunds a restocking fee of up to 30% may apply.

Return and refund authorization will not be processed 30 days after date of purchase.
Most of the customers need a replacement before they send the defective product back. For that reason the WCF requires a Credit Card. We will not charge the card if the customer returns the defective product. If you do not wish to send a Warranty Claim Form back to us with your credit card information, we will not be able to send a replacement product ahead of time. If this is the case, you must send the defective product back to us and upon receipt we will send the replacement to you.

Normally we process a refund in 7 business days, but the credit card bank may take 30 days to apply your credit, unfortunately we cannot expedite the process.

We cannot refund the 100% of the payments, because the fees from the Merchant Service Provider (MSP) (Credit Card fees) normally are not refunded. We refund the 100% of the received amount, which is the 100% of your payment, minus the credit card fee. That fee can be in a range of 3% to 5% (it depend on the card used). However, payments processed through PayPal can be credited in full.

Refunds must be submitted within 120 days of the date and time the original transaction was settled. All refunds submitted after the 120-day period will be rejected.