The Ink Cartridge Dilemma:  Original or Refill?

Posted by MacroEnter on 31st Mar 2016

By now most consumers know that printer manufacturers make their money selling ink rather

than printers. Most consumers by a printer every 3-5 years, but they buy ink cartridges from 2-3

times in a year. The question is, do you buy the original manufacturer’s cartridges, or the less

expensive refills from a 3 rd party? Here are a few things to consider:


Although 3 rd party refills are generall cheaper, the market is changing rapidly and manufacturers

are beginning to lower the price of original ink cartridges in order to bring back customers.

Dangers of Refills

Although refills are cheaper, there are inherent risks involved. Of course, the primary concern

here is quality. If you get hold of a cartridge that has not been filled by a professional, you may

well end up damaging your printer head and rendering your printer inoperable. All of which

adds up to buying a new printer and flushing your ‘savings’ down the drain.

Another part of the quality equation is your print results. In most cases, even a professionally

filled cartridge will fail to meet the print standards you are used to seeing with the

manufacturer’s original cartridge. You may often end up seeing abrupt changes (called banding)

between your color shades. Your printer may even fail to properly recognize the cartridge, which

could result in the inability to monitor ink levels.

What to Do?

Clearly you have two options. With the prices continuing to drop, consider looking past the

obvious. You might still be saving a little cash by buying refills, but is it worth the risk? You can

keep your printer safe and extend its useful life by simply buying the original ink cartridges. And

the kicker is, with the original cartridges, you will be able to carefully monitor your ink usage so

that you can buy only when necessary.

On the other hand, if you find a reputable dealer, you can have the best of both worlds. Quality,

professionally remanufactured ink cartridges are available at select outlets. Find one near you

and save money without having to give up the quality product you have come to expect.

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