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Polypropylene banners

Polypropylene vinyl banner is a durable and tough banner material available in a variety of weights, and grades. They are great for outside use, being that they are waterproof or can come waterproofed and the tough material can withstand harsh weathering. Polypropylene banners are usually utilized outside because of their water- and tear-safety and sturdiness.

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What is a Chip Resetter?

Let’s face it, replacing your ink cartridges is never something to look forward to. Ink cartridges are expensive and overly priced for the very reason that printer manufacturers need to focus more on selling the most used product, versus the printers themselves. You cannot have a printer without the ink right? One of the greatest expenses a printer user has is [...]

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5 Tips for DIY Craft Projects Using Your Printer

The world of arts and crafts is one of those hobbies that is unique, because anyone can do it. Sure, some might be more natural at it then others, but you are creating a piece of art that is special to you.Let's approach this is you are brand new to crafts projects. You don't need [...]

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Useful Office Tip: Perform Printer Maintenance On The..

Owning a printer requires some hands on maintenance work to ensure that the printer works and continues to work properly as well as have a long lifespan of use. One such aspect of printer maintenance that is often overlooked is checking, cleaning and replacing the dampers in the printer. Dampers are used both in water and solvent-based printers and [...]

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Find Out If Bond Papers Are Right For You

If you have ever found yourself looking at the office supply store trying to printer paper and you find yourself overwhelmed because of the selection that is out there. Be careful what you pick up. CAD bond paper for sale comes in large quantities, and may seen like the ideal purchase, but you need to be aware of what [...]

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Common Printer Issues to Look Out For

Printers can present a wide range of problems. Fortunately, many of them can be easily solved by consumers armed with a bit of knowledge. If you are having problems with your printing, we have the solution. Printers can run reliably for many years and thousands of prints, but often they do not. Why is this? Sometimes it is [...]

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Featuring: Scrim Banners

Scrim vinyl banners are the most used type of banner for printing and hanging outdoors. The scrim banner is made up of a rope like material making it stronger and more durable for harsh outside conditions. Scrim banners can stand up to three to four years of outside use depending on the severity of the conditions. Scrim [...]

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