20Lb Bond Paper USA

Smooth and opaque 20lb inkjet bond plotter paper is the perfect choice for everyday CAD printing and plotting. Check this plotter paper USA
Our 20lb inkjet CAD bond is a combination of performance and economy, with outstanding value that cannot be matched.
It is available in a variety of widths and core configurations to fit any modern inkjet plotter.
BEST PRINTING: Remember to always print on the preferred side of the media. The preferred side is always on the outside of the roll unless otherwise noted. Handle print media by the edges to prevent dirt and oils from contaminating the print area.
Best results are achieved when operating at 65-85∫ and 25-70% humidity.
STORAGE: Always store inkjet media in a cool dry area. If storage conditions vary from printing conditions, allow the product to adjust before beginning to print.
ARCHIVING: 20lb Inkjet Bond is a wood pulp product and is not suitable for long term archival purposes.