47Lb Coated Bond Paper

47Lb CAD Bond plotter paper is a matte coated, high quality presentation paper. Heavy basis weight will accept more ink than lighter bonds. Water resistant with either Dye or Pigmented inks. Ink coverage up to 200%.Over saturation may cause paper cockle.
Can be overlaminated with most cold and low-temp hot laminates. Better adhesion is achieved using cold laminate. Overlap the imagewith minimum .25 inch safe edge to prevent moisture absorption and premature paper splitting. Lamination can be performed immediately after printing as long as the inks are dry to the touch and do not smear.
Recommended mounting materialis cold, pressure-sensative adhesive to provide the best bond.
47 lb.
Opacity 88%
Brightness 96
2" Core Rolls
Inks: Dye & Pigmented
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