4mil Double Matte Both Sides Film

Our double matte film is created from dimensionally stable polyester film held to tight tolerances. The coated surface offers exceptional toner adhesion for Laser, LED and Xerographic plotter/duplicators on both sides. Images can be erased using a FC #79 eraser. Heavyweight 4 mil base is durable and archivable. Low opacity makes it excellent for Diazo masters.
Properties: 4.0 mil, Opacity  40%
Best Printing: Remember to always print on the preferred side of the media. The preferred side is always on the outside of the roll unless otherwise noted. Handle print media by the edges to prevent dirt and oils from contaminating the print area.
Best results are achieved when operating at 65-85°F and 25-70% humidity.
Storage: Always store laser/xerographic media in a cool dry area. If storage conditions vary from printing conditions, allow the product to adjust before beginning to print.
Archiving: 4 mil Double Matte Laser Film is produced from 100% synthetic polyester and is well suited for long term archival in moderate environmental conditions.

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