Mini Banner ups, case of 1,000 units

Mini Banner ups, case of 1,000 units

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Mini Banner Ups ® are a smaller size Banner Up designed for light duty outdoor or indoor use.

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Forget grommets!
Original Banner Ups are still one of our biggest sellers.
Made with a foam adhesive, Banner Ups aggressively bond to virtually all banner materials as well as Coroplast, Foamcore, and paper.

Use Large Banner Ups for the toughest outdoor banner applications and Mini Banner Ups for indoor or light duty outdoor applications.
Banner Ups unique shape allows them to be applied at different corner angles as well as along the top and sides of banners.
For light duty use, just attach rope to the folded neck loop.
For tougher jobs, run the rope through the tab center hole.

Clear Mini Banner Ups w/Backtab are composed of a clear plastic film with an adhesive tab on the backside which permits adhesion directly to a wall or window surface.
Both the white and clear mini Banner Ups are designed for indoor, short term, or light duty outdoor applications.

• Make your own banner blanks instantly. No special tools required.
  Banner Ups ® are easy to use.
• Banner Ups ® are wind tunnel tested.
• Use Banner Ups ® indoors and out.
• Use Banner Ups ® with vinyl, Tyvek, Typar, Valeron ®, high strength Polyolefin, Foamcore, Polyethylene, Coroplast ®, paper, posters, canvas, even some woven and non-woven fabric.
• Banner Ups ® come in various sizes and shapes to fit nearly any application. ""1001 Uses"". They can be used any time you need a fastener point for fabrics or films.