Roland Printer Ink

Roland Printer Ink

Posted by MacroEnter on 22nd Mar 2016

MacroEnter shelves are officially stocked with Roland Printer Ink. Roland ink is top of line for high-speed banners and vehicle graphics, sublimation, backlits and more.

Say goodbye to ink-stained palms and hands. Roland ink is always packaged securely to make sure your inking experience is mess-free.

Be sure to read your Roland printer ink manual carefully! Roland inks can be used in typical shop settings and should always be handled in accordance with the given directions and guidelines.

Here are some of Roland’s top inks their best uses:

Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX

Opaque and dense

DPI product of the year

Eco-Sol MAX

Fast dry time

Nine colors!

Virtually Odorless

Lasts up to three years outdoors!

White Eco-Sol MAX

Bright, dense, opaque

Crisp edges

Lasts up to one year outdoors


Flexible – ideal for curved surfaces

Scratch and alcohol resistant

Texart SBL3 Dye Sublimation

Fast drying

Four and eight color options

Intense contrast

Vivid color

For more inks and insight on when to use them, visit MacroEnter!