VectorWorks: An Introduction to Architect

Posted by MacroEnter on 1st Dec 2015

Architect is a building information modeling (BIM) program designed and developed by the company VectorWorks. BIM software programs are designed to make the management of complicated building, utility and other physical infrastructures more manageable, efficient and understandable. The idea of computerized, comprehensive BIM systems was introduced in the 1970s, but it has changed and evolved, and it continues to do so. Many industries and fields take advantage of the benefits of BIM, and VectorWorks Architect is one that is often recommended.

The firm was first established as Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. in 1985 and quickly grew to play an extremely influential role in the creation and implementation of BMI and other computer automated design (CAD) software. In 2000, VectorWorks was acquired by the Nemetschek Group, based in Munich. Developed by a team of creative software engineers, Architect has helped to revolutionize the way CAD is utilized in the fields of construction, landscaping and engineering, to name a few.

VectorWorks Architect assists in the creation and manipulation of files in 2D or 3D. A full selection of tools and programs are available to design anything from skyscrapers to underground bunkers. It's easy to create simple or complex models in 3D. With 360-degree views and all the tools required to duplicate, cut, copy, paste, adjust and work in layers, Architect is a designer's dream.

Architects obviously stand to benefit from the use of this functional and user-friendly program. Landscape designers find it useful to help clients visualize what a plan could look like upon completion - before he or she begins. Structural, mechanical and civil engineers are able to use Architect for city planning and maintenance, while interior designers are able to accurately depict furniture, artwork and accessories while matching colors, patterns and designs in a virtual world, reducing the chance of costly errors. Security firms and experts also use Architect to construct and test security system configurations and to determine the safest locations for expensive, rare or irreplaceable items.

Anyone that needs to utilize CAD software to create a design for a new structure, park or other complex project would benefit from using VectorWork's Architect software. As an internationally recognized expert in the world of BIM, VectorWorks has established a reputation for innovation and excellence. With a customer base of over 500,000, it must be doing something right. Designing and modifying 2D and 3D projects is often as easy as a few simple clicks, and the support and guides available help make it fun to explore and learn how to use Architect smoothly and efficiently.