What Does a Chip Resetter Do?

Posted by MacroEnter on 25th Mar 2016

There are so many components to our printer, it is difficult to remember which does what! Let’s take a look at one tool will save us big bucks in the end: the chip resetter.

The chip resetter tool is a self-contained unit that contacts the cartridge chip to get it to its electronic full setting, telling the printer it is full of ink and ready to print. It is generally used when re-inking a cartridge, because the cartridges must be removed from the printer to complete the process. The process of resetting the electronic setting takes only six seconds! The chip resetter, which has an internal battery and small pins, is held against the cartridge chip for those six seconds to bring the setting back to full.

So when do you need to use the resetter and why?

If you’re a printer owner, you know the largest cost of having a home printer- the ink. Prices are steep and far more consuming than the price of the printer itself. Printer manufacturers, then, are primarily in the business of manufacturing ink for your printer. Because this is their primary source of revenue, they’ve set a function in the printer to recognize when a cartridge is full and made by their own brand. This ensures that you’re constantly and frequently replacing your cartridges with their ink, replenishing their wallets.

The hp chip resetter basically tricks the printer and tells the printer that ink cartridge is full and more specifically, full of the printer brand’s ink. This allows you to continue printing via refilling instead of repurchasing at a lofty cost.

The process is simple:

Take out your ink cartridges

Get them refilled

Before you put them back in the printer, hold the chip resetter to the ink cartridge for six seconds

Place the ink cartridges back in the printer


How handy is that? The chip resetter will save you money and grant you satisfaction in knowing that you’re not being ripped off by the printer and ink brands. Note that not all printers are compatible with the chip resetter tool. It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re brand will work with a resetter before purchasing the tool! If it is a match, how can you say no? The chip resetter is one of the greatest gifts printers got in the new millennium. Now that you know how it works, get to using it!