Matte 8mil Self Adhesive Polypropylene

Best Selling Polypro Film

8 mil Self Adhesive Polypropylene has an excellent coating for a high quality output. Use pigment, UV or latex inks for outdoor exposure. Cold Lamination Film is not required, but can be used for a higher level of protection, especially if you are looking for a water resistant banner.

Popular Uses of Polypropylene Film

FastPlot Self Adhesive Polypropylene Film is perfect for trade show displays, wall wrapping, banners, and signs. The self-adhesive film is an ideal combination of water resistance and lightweight construction. Furthermore, it provides photo quality output.

Versatility and speed is one of the main features because it is rapid dry (micro porous) and easy to install. Using UV pigment inks, our polypropylene banner film will provide photo quality output as well as strength and durability at a very affordable price. 

Polypropylene Features:

  • Thickness: 8 mil
  • Weight: 205 g
  • Opacity: 90%
  • Dry Time: 24 hours before exposing to moisture